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Our live recording room is great for everything from big, live sounding drum recordings to close and intimate vocals. This makes our spot ideal for recording whatever genre you're into. Booking our Salt Lake City studio grants access to all of our instruments, guitar amps, and audio equipment. 


Mastering is much more than just making your mixes louder. We take a lot of pride in mastering your album as a cohesive collection of work.


Your podcast can't afford to sound home-made. Visit us at our podcast recording studio in Salt Lake City for professional grade podcast recording and editing. 


Wether you recorded your music at our recording studio in Salt Lake City, Utah, or somewhere else, we're happy to mix your music, podcast, or film projects. With an expansive suite of mixing tools and restoration software, we're prepared to take on any mix project you have to toss our way.

We also offer no contact mixing services.


We would be thrilled to help improve your film's audio quality. Reach out to discuss your project with us.


Regardless of where you record your podcast, we'd love to supply you with top-notch intro/outro music.

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