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You don't have to scour all of Utah to find a recording studio with great gear. That's us. Right here in Salt Lake City.

Check out our selection of both vintage and modern mics here.


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  • AEA R84 (qty. 1)

    x1A smooth sounding ribbon mic with classy looks to boot.

  • AKG C414 (qty. 1)

    A recording studio legend.

  • Aston Starlight (qty. 2)

    Insanely versatile small diaphragm condensers.

  • Aston Stealth (qty. 2)

    A large-element dynamic microphone, not unlike the SM7, but with multiple voicing styles, as well as an optional gain boost with phantom power.

  • Audio Technica Pro 37 (qty. 2)

    Clean sounding small diaphragm condensers.

  • Audix i5 (qty. 3)

    Dynamic instrument mics. Similar to the SM57.

  • Blue Bluebird (qty. 1)

    Great for woodwind instruments. A low-noise large diaphragm condenser with surprisingly good high frequency response.

  • CAD D90 (qty. 1)

    Supercardioid handheld vocal microphone that really cuts through the mix

  • Vintage Electro Voice 635A (qty. 1)

    Vintage omnidirectional dynamic microphone

  • Electro Voice ND76 (qty. 1)

    Supercardioid handheld dynamic vocal mic.

  • Vintage Electro Voice RE10 (qty. 1)

    Vintage handheld vocal microphone

  • Lauten Audio Clarion (qty. 1)

    One of our favorite microphones at the studio. This large diaphragm condenser sounds great on everything.

  • M-Audio Nova (qty. 2)

    Fun fact: These were the first microphones that Nate (the studio owner) ever owned. Chances of these being used in a session are dim, but we like having them around anyway.

  • Vintage Neumann U47 FET "Fight Club" (qty. 1)

    A recording studio legend. We affectionately call this mic the "Fight Club". Find out why in a recording session!

  • Oktava MK-012-01 (qty. 2)

    Great sounding small diaphragm condensers for instrument recording.

  • Vintage RFT "Angry German" (qty. 1)

    Can you tell this thing has seen a lot of use? We're not really sure what the origin story is, or even what the model number is, so we just call it the angry german.

  • Rode NT1 Original (qty. 1)

    The original NT1 from Rode. New models just aren't the same.

  • Rode NT5 (qty. 2)

    Great sounding small diaphragm condensers for instrument recording.

  • Rode NTR (qty. 2)

    Wonderfully unique sounding active ribbon mics. We use these on all sorts of different things.

  • SE Electronics 4400a (qty. 2)

    Stereo matched pair of crisp, clean large diaphragm condensers

  • Sennheiser e604 (qty. 3)

    Awesome sounding tom mics

  • Sennheiser e902 (qty. 1)

    Perfect for kick drums and bass cabs

  • Sennheiser MD421 (qty. 1)

    An industry favorite for instruments and vocals.

  • Shure "Green Bullet" (qty. 1)

    Its main use is as a harmonica mic, but we've found lots of other fun, creative uses for this mic.

  • Shure 545SD (qty. 1)

    The re-issued predecessor to the legendary SM57.

  • Shure Beta57A (qty. 2)

    For that extra 'bite' from a guitar cabinet, or 'crack' from a snare drum.

  • Shure Beta91 (qty. 1)

    Another great option for mic'ing the inside of a kick drum. 

  • Shure SM7B (qty. 1)

    Popularized as a vocal mic, this thing sounds awesome on snare drums, guitar cabinets, vocals, and podcasts.

  • Shure SM57 (qty. 3)

    A legend in the recording studio and on stage.

  • Solomon Lo-Freq (qty. 1)

    Bring some big bottom end to the kick drum with this mammajamma.

  • Vintage Sony ECM56P (qty. 1)

    A fun little vintage condenser microphone. This mic is really great at lending clarity and presence to the midranges (in a totally good way).

  • Sterling Audio ST31 (qty. 2)

    These hypercardioid condenser mics are great for mic'ing a highhat, or anything else you want to sound bright, without inviting in too much noise.


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